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Supporting and defending Indian traditions and value systems

Legal Action

Tactical cases at a local/regional level all the way up to Constitutional reforms.

Temples and endowments

Advocating for proper administration and separation of government from temple administration

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Control over Hindu temples by the state must stop. Hindus alone should have control over financial and administrative matters.

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This is a great initiative taken by you people. Wish you all the best.



About us

People for Dharma intends to empower each individual of the society to attain opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life as well as intellectual empowerment of the people with a proper understanding of the underpinnings and beauty of Indian spirituality and Dharmic traditions.

People for Dharma in News

Written submissions filed for the Sabarimala Temple Review Petition

Here is the link to the written submissions prepared by Mr. J. Sai Deepak and filed by Mr. Suvidutt Sundaram on behalf of the Pandalam Kottaram, People for Dharma and Chetana Conscience of Women in the Sabarimala Temple Review Petitions. Sabarimala Written Submissions

Final Review Petition- Sabarimala

Here is the final draft of the Review Petition as settled by Senior Advocate Shri Mohan Parasaran, along with the application for hearing in Open Court. Sabarimala Review Petition  

Sabarimala Case Written Submissions

Here are the Final Written Submissions along with the Lists of Annexures and Judgements filed by us as part of our submissions for the latest hearing of the Sabarimala case. Final Written Submissions filed on August 4, 2018 List of Annexures List of Judgments

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